Ashley was very supportive and knowledgable and went beyond to make sure all of our needs were met. She truly understands from a mother’s perspective the challenges of teaching a young baby sleep! Our sleep greatly improved here, even tho we still have our ups and downs I am not anxious anymore about bedtime and the night to come, I actually love watching my baby on my monitor peacefully falling asleep on her own. I would highly recommend her to anyone who struggle with their little one’s sleep!

Dery Family – Vernon BC

Ashley was amazing! She was very, very reassuring and answered any and all questions we had in regards to our babies sleep issues. Violet is going on week 4 or 5 of sleeping through the night and having great naps! Ashley was a life saver to my sanity and own sleep! I highly recommend Ashley for all your sleep needs!!!!

Engleking Family – Morinville AB

I am so grateful for the support Ashley provided me, and our family, with! On the second night of sleep training my babe slept for 11 hours, after 6 months of waking up 4-5 times per night. With the amount of sleep Ashley guided us to, I also rediscovered myself and found joy again in my hobbies and relationship! Sleep is a wonderful thing! The training is hardly a ‘cry it out’ method, as it is laced with so much love, which was so important. If you are like I was, and can’t quite remember what life is like with a good nights sleep, I would give this baby wizard a whirl!

Taylor Family – Prince George BC

Ashley was amazing to us and especially our little girl!! Because of Ashley everyone in our house LOVES sleep. I highly recommend her!! Very knowledgeable and extremely supportive.

Rushton Family – Kelowna BC

Working with Ashley has brought peace and balance back to our family. Our 8 month old daughter had every bad sleep habit in the book. We spent months struggling with the poor sleep habits we unknowingly created in our baby. The hourly night wakings and constant feedings, milk/ sleep associations, inability to nap longer than 20 minutes, content stroller/car ride/baby carrier attempts to just get her to SLEEP.. The stress of our daily lives had gotten too much for us, we could see how it was negatively affecting our girl. When we first spoke to Ashley, it was clear how passionate she was about helping us. She approached our difficult questions and concerns with the kind of empathy only a mother could understand. She went above and beyond to understand our family and ensure we felt supported and reassured during the entire process. She customized a plan specific to our needs, constantly adjusting as things played out. Most importantly, she always listened to my concerns, made me feel validated as a parent and empowered as a Mother. The love she poured into every conversation gave us the confidence we needed to change our ways and break these habits. After only one week, my daughter is a completely different baby. We are finally starting to enjoy this new life together as a family and cant’ thank her enough for this gift! I would highly recommend hiring Ashley to help your child learn to get the rest they need and bring balance back to your family!

Langlands Family – Vernon BC

Ashley came into my home and changed my life. I have 3 children and my 4yr old and 2 yr old did not sleep. countless hours trying to put them to bed, only for them both to be up 7+ times through our the night. My doctors had me give both my younger children melatonin. This soon turned into every night of giving melatonin. If it wasnt given my kids could have been awake until midnight. Ashley came in and truly changed my life, my children now love sleep and so do I. We are 2 months in and still going strong. The steps she gives you are attainable by parents and children. My husband is away most of the time so I had 2 children to follow the steps with. I would recommend Ashley to anyone who is struggling. Hiring Ashley truly saved my sanity.

Armstrong Family – Penticton BC

We had been struggling with our baby getting up every 2 hours and only napping on either myself or my husband. Within 3 days we had slept through the night and last night (Christmas Eve) she slept 11 hours and 45 minutes! We had joked that we wanted sleep for Christmas, never imagining we would actually get it but Ashley coached us through the hard parts and helped us to successfully teach our baby how to sleep!

I struggle with Postpartum anxiety and Ashley was able to assuage my fears and helped me to realize that we were doing what was best for our little one and for ourselves. I am very grateful that we decided to take the leap of faith and do this because sleep is amazing.

Jeffrey Family – Morinville AB
Having a Ashley as a night nanny helped my husband and I to get some well needed rest that was key for me for birth recovery.  Being well-rested helped us to be better parents during the day and offer our daughter much more love and attention than we could have had we been up all night.  It was also fantastic to have someone with her at night who has experience with newborns as Ashley could help us understand what to expect and how to handle certain situations that may arise, not only with sleep but also with regular newborn affairs.
I couldn’t recommend a night nanny more.  If there is one tool that helps to ease into parenthood it’s not all the toys and motion chairs and rattles and fancy clothes, it’s a night nanny! I was shocked when people would make condescending comments about me as a mother in terms of why would someone have a child if they don’t want to raise it! But, I see it as quite the opposite.  I see sleep as the enabler for me to be the best mum I can be!
McLean Family – Canmore AB

After many months of sleepless nights, my wife and I hired Ashley to sleep train our 6 month old son. We were definitely at our wits’ end after months of bouncing and rocking our baby to sleep for 10 hours throughout the day and night. We had tried everything to get him to sleep and nothing worked, until two nights with Ashley’s training.

Since then, our son sleeps through the night. This is by far the BEST INVESTMENT we have ever made. Our son is much happier, well rested and joyful. My wife and I are back to feeling like ourselves again.

Having Ashley in our home for a few nights was extremely helpful and a feeling of calm came over us, trusting that we were in such good hands. Ashley offered continued support and encouragement for weeks to come which allowed us to gain confidence and learn to trust our instincts while still feeling safe and guided.

Our son is such a solid sleeper now, he sleeps right through dinner parties and traveling for the holidays. This is something we couldn’t even imagine possible a few months ago.

We highly recommend her services and plan to bring her back in for all future sleep and potty training.

Foucault Family – Dollard-does-ormeaux QC

Personnellement, j’ai adoré l’expérience. On n’était pas trop sûr du résultat quand on a décidé de commencer cette expérience, mais dès qu’on a embarqué, je peux vous assurer qu’on a fini avec un résultat extraordinaire. Notre bébé se réveillait chaque 3h de temps le soir, mais à présent il dort 12h sans arrêt. On est extrêmement reconnaissant d’avoir pu prendre cette aventure qui nous a abouti à un résultat extrêmement positif. Merci beaucoup Ashley pour ton aide.

Personally, I loved the experience. We were not too sure of the result when we decided to start this experience, but as soon as we embarked, I can assure you that we ended with an extraordinary result. Our baby woke up every 3 hours in the evening, but now he sleeps 12 hours continuously. We are extremely grateful to have been able to take this adventure which has resulted in an extremely positive result. Thank you very much Ashley for your help.


Mestiri Family – Kingston ON

Ashley is a sleep wizard! We thought our 7 month old was untrainable, but Ashley helped us through the process and now our little one naps on a schedule PLUS gets 11-12 hours straight at night! Best decision we ever made, hands down.

Rothery Family – Kelowna BC

I sought out Ashley’s service when my son was almost 4 months old. His father and I were struggling tremendously with caring for our little rambunctious baby who just wouldn’t sleep or breastfeed well. I was anxious without sleeping more than two hours at a time. My life was falling apart.

After my relationship ended and I found myself parenting very much on my own, I relied on Ashley greatly for her caring and very specific help. I can say in all certainty: I can’t fathom having gone through this time without her.

She is more devoted and loving than I could have imagined. She had an answer for every struggle I faced, and there were many. She promised me my baby would find sleep if we offered him the routine his little body was craving… and she was SO right!! Even when I second guessed myself and screwed up her advice sometimes, she stuck by me and my son NEVER  letting me down.

I cry often with gratitude for all she has done for me. I don’t think I could ever thank her enough. My son sleeps effortlessly through the night, he wakes happy and rested and breastfeeds like a champ! I had no idea sleep could cause breastfeeding issues!

If you are afraid of the process or unsure of what to expect, please try Ashley! She definitely has your baby in her heart while she works with you. She has true passion for this work!

Millan Family – Vernon BC

Contacting Ashley to help me with my 15 month old baby’s sleep issues was one of the best decisions I made! Having gone through major sleep issues with my older child, who is now 6, I didn’t want to head down the same road with my youngest. She helped us every step of the way, with clear, supportive, reasonable and gentle guidelines. She was prompt with responding to any questions I had, and covered every possible thing that I needed to know about sleep training and maintaining sleeping through the night from here on out! My baby went from waking up 3 times a night, for night feeds, co-sleeping part of the night, helping her back to sleep ect, to sleeping 12 hours straight with a solid day time nap! Ashley led me to success with the sleep training despite the fact that I was traveling, the baby ended up sick with a cold, and was actively teething for a couple days in the middle of it all! I am so grateful for Ashley, and my only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner to sleep train my older child!!

Sarpal Family – Calgary AB

When I first had my now 5.5 month old son I swore up and down that I would never sleep train. My understanding was the out dated belief of the “cry it out method.” However after 5 months of co-sleeping, nursing/bouncing to sleep. The little monkey would only sleep if he was held and his longest nap in the crib was 40 minutes. I was in dire need of a break and some alone time! I am also well versed in attachment parenting and concerned about having my son cry himself to sleep. After speaking with numerous other consultants I went with Ashley because she was, kind, supportive, direct and easy to talk to. I felt heard and validated. With her support our son sleeps thru the night (11-12hrs) and takes every nap in his crib! He now goes to sleep with minimal fuss and all on his own providing me with time to shower, nap, eat etc. He had a few ups and downs but Ashley was consistent and available, knowledgeable and reassuring! I would highly recommend her for anyone needing support with sleep!

Brown Family – Victoria BC

We have used Ashely before with our son, but with our defiant little girl, we knew we needed the professional expertise of Ashley once again. Our son is 20 months old and our daughter 4 months old so we needed some help. My little girl wouldn’t nap. Ever. Unless rocked or in car. She also took around 2 hours to put to bed at night. Well, the second night of sleep training, my little girl slept 11 hours straight without a wake!!!! We are now just over a week, and have had the only slight wake where she comfortably puts herself back to sleep. And naps??? At least 4.5 hours a day. One of her naps was almost 3 hours long!! (All in her crib of course).
Ashley has given us back some freedom (especially momma). She’s also amazing at providing excellent support and suggestions with things non-sleep related 🙂 like how to get my baby to take a bottle (her suggestion worked like a charm 🙂 I recommend Ashely to anyone and everyone who has had babies 🙂

Nicholls Family – Kelowna BC

Ashley came recommended to me by a colleague and friend. It has been a great pleasure to work with her. She is personable and professional. Her sleep training method works and is straight forward to implement. My baby went from having 7 hours of fitful sleep at night at 3 months old to 12 hours of restful sleep in 3 days! Now that she is sleeping well at night, I am also able to get the rest I need. We no longer need a soother, a sound machine, or me rocking her to sleep! My husband was somewhat skeptical in the beginning, but now that he has seen the result he could not be happier. I would highly recommend Ashley to any of my friends and family, and I would not hesitate to ask her for help again.

Wendy Lin – Vancouver BC

Ashley came into my life when my son was 7 months old. I was a working Momma struggling with exhaustion and was at my wits end. Ashley was my angel!!! She helped my husband and I teach our son to sleep, she offered support when things were difficult, and the result was nothing short of amazing. Our son is now over a year and a half, still a solid sleeper during the night and at nap time. No doubt in my mind that Ashley was the best choice for our family. She is work every penny!! I tell all my friends and family that Ashley was the BEST INVESTMENT that we have ever made. Our son sleeps, which means we sleep! A well rested family is a happy family!!! Thank you Ashley!!!

Litster Family – Grande Prairie AB
Phillips Family – London UK

Ashley’s help and commitment to our family has been outstanding, I could not have asked for a more loving and professional consultant. Ava was waking up 5 times in the night, on and off with bottle feeding, sleeping with her dummy and having to be shhh’d or held to sleep. Her naps consisted of being rocked in a swigging chair and being wrapped tight in our arms, they were short and we were getting exhausted! Ashley helped us say goodbye to all these bad habits and gave us new tools and strategies to teach Ava to sleep. She now sleeps through the night and goes down for her naps without any fuss all by herself! We are so grateful for her coaching. We get so much more sleep and Ava is the happiest little girl, we always get comments on how happy she is.  ❤

Phillips Family – London UK
Mudry Family – Saskatoon SK

Ashley was a god send for our family. She worked closely with my wife and I to sleep train our 1 year old girl. She made it easy and helped us in a process that we would never have been able to complete without her. It saved us as parents and made an immediate impact on the wellbeing and quality of sleep in our daughter. She has slept through the night (7:30pm – 7:30am) without complaint ever since, we simply get her ready for bed and once we put her down she goes to sleep without fuss. I 100% recommend Ashley’s services to all parents.

Mudry Family – Saskatoon SK

The knowledge and wisdom she shares truly comes from the heart, and she is so incredibly patient and adaptable to whatever parenting style you favour, and just so genuine and lovely to work with 💗 Her advice and tips with our babes have worked wonders! I can’t recommend her enough!

Rattink Family -Kelowna BC
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