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Newborn sleep is erratic and it can be hard to know what your baby’s needs are at this tender age. You are busy navigating, breast/bottle feeding, bum changing, recovering from birth, managing the influx of well-wishers, it can be hard to manage all of this and remember that sleep is important too. Let me take the guess work out of it all for you. This is a great solution for parents who want to get their baby off to a great start with sleep habits from day 1. I would meet with you before or after your baby is born and walk you through what to expect at every stage of development and how to navigate it. You will receive a sleep plan, coaching and lots of support as you find your feet in parenting. Now, do not be fooled, this does not mean you don’t not get to hold your baby to sleep, who doesn’t love baby snuggles!? Rejoice, you do! And as a qualified Maternity Nurse, I will help you focus on nourishing feeds so that all of your baby’s needs are met for a strong beginning.

What is included

  • Initial questionnaire detailing your baby and their current sleep routines and health will need to be completed in advance of your consultation.
  • A private 1.5hr Virtual Consultation via Skype/FaceTime/Google Hangouts or Zoom, where we review your current family routines and your child’s sleep difficulties and determine your sleep goals. I will walk you through your custom sleep plan step by step, with time to address any concern or questions you have.
  • Your custom sleep plan and additional material following the consultation
  • 4 x 20-30min phone calls in the first week to troubleshoot any challenges, celebrate successes and I coach you on how to get to GREAT sleep
  • 5 emails where you can update me on your progress or ask any questions that have come up, ensuring we are keeping you on track to GREAT sleep
  • What’s next guide. This comprehensive guide sets you up for future success, I will walk you through everything from nap transitions to teething, sickness and travel tips.

$495.00 + tax

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