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Great Sleep For You And Your Baby

Strong Beginnings is proud to offer Night Nanny services for new parents across Canada.

When you bring your perfect, beautiful child into the world, you want to wrap them up in love, support, and comfort, but who is taking care of you? The first few months are incredibly important in the postpartum transition, and everyone needs rest to recover from birth and start out on the right foot, including parents. That’s where your Night Nanny comes in.

What is a Night Nanny and why do I need one?

A Night Nanny is a specialized caregiver who offers nightly relief in 8 to 12-hour support shifts, giving you much-needed time for nightly rest and recovery. Our Night Nannies, will stay up all night in the nursery while you rest and sleep in the comfort of your own bed with limited interruption.

Meeting the demands of a newborn can be draining and overwhelming. Allow, your Night Nanny, to put our passion and training to great use throughout the night while you recharge and get some much-needed sleep. In the morning, you will be refreshed and at your best, ready to take on the day with your new baby.


Did you know? A Night Nanny may also be known as a baby nurse, sleep doula, or in the UK we are better known as maternity nurses.

What does a Night Nanny do?


During the night,  your Night Nanny will manage all of the nursery duties for you and give your precious newborn continuous care and support. They are experts in soothing, diapering, burping, and baby laundry! I journal a record of events throughout the night to keep you informed and connected with every sweet nightly story.

We strive to support you with uninterrupted sleep and will only wake you for feeding if you’re not using a bottle, or as requested. Our certified staff can also offer breastfeeding support, and I will answer any questions that you might have surrounding parenting support.

Let me care for you and your baby

You are not alone, and you don’t have to struggle in silence. There is another way. Let us wrap your family in love and support, helping you build your confidence so that you can enjoy your parenting journey. When you’re well-rested and relaxed, you have so much more energy and attention to share; everyone in your family benefits when you feel refreshed and at your best.

The term Night Nanny does not do justice to the knowledge, experience and care that will be provided to your family. We are trained to assist with breastfeeding, creating healthy sleep habits, and offering general support and knowledge on all aspects of newborn care.

Rest assured that the specialist training our nannies have means you are in the best possible hands at this extraordinary time in your life. Embrace the possibilities and set your family up for a strong beginning with dedicated nighttime care.

How long does a Night Nanny care for my family?

A Strong Beginnings Night Nanny is available for however long you need, from a few nights to a few months. Our expert Night Nanny services are completely customized to suit your family’s needs. Please give us a call; we would love to see what we can do to help you.

To book, please complete a contact request form or call us, we would love to talk to you about your families needs.

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