Nanny Packages

Our Nanny Packages are the ideal choice for families wanting a professional Sleep Consultant to carry out the sleep plan for you. I will clear my schedule, arrive and take care of all of the sleep coaching duties, such as bedtime routines, putting your child to bed and handling the night wake ups and naps. This gives you an opportunity to catch up on your own sleep deprivation, so you have the energy to be the mommy and daddy you want to be for your child. This is a great option for, single parent households, families suffering from birth trauma/PTSD, multi child households, high profile or demanding careers or just because you prefer to call in the professionals to do the tough stuff for you. I will take excellent care of you and your baby and get you all to GREAT sleep.

What is included

  • Initial questionnaire detailing your baby and their current sleep routines and health will need to be completed in advance of your consultation.
  • A private 1.5hr In-home Consultation where we review your current family routines and your child’s sleep difficulties and determine your sleep goals. I will walk you through your custom sleep plan step by step, with time to address any concern or questions you have.
  • I will stay and carry out all sleep related duties, you have the choice to stay with me and learn as we go, or you can focus on some self care and get some much needed rest whilst i wrap your child in love as they learn to sleep
  • Depending on which package you have selected i will carrying out all nap time routines and continue on with the custom plan, again you have the option to do all of this with me, or focus on self care
  • Your custom sleep plan and additional material following the consultation
  • 4 x 20-30min phone calls in the first week to troubleshoot any challenges, celebrate successes and I coach you on how to get to GREAT sleep
  • 2 Week of unlimited email support where you can update me on your progress, ask any questions that have come up, ensuring we are keeping you on track to GREAT sleep
  • What’s next guide. This comprehensive guide sets you up for future success, I will walk you through everything from nap transitions to teething, sickness and travel tips.

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