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If you’re on the hunt for a parenting solution for your little one, you’ve come to the right place! I am Ashley Lohse, a Sleep Trainer, certified Maternity Nurse, Potty Trainer, and the answer to your parenting woes. I founded Strong Beginnings to wrap you in love and support as you navigate the challenges of raising a family.

Parenting is tough, and it’s made all the more challenging with the many strategies, blogs, and stories online. It often feels like everyone else has it all figured out except for you. Trust me when I say that you are NOT alone. I’ve been there too. The good news is that you found Strong Beginnings. Together, we will help you and your child find a better way forward.

I offer services that are designed to help your baby or toddler get their best start in life while giving you the confidence you need to navigate this roller coaster journey. Strong Beginnings offers Sleep Training, Night Nanny and Potty Training services in the comfort of your own home, whether in person or online.


Sleep Training for Babies and Toddlers

Sleep plays a vital role in our physical and mental health, and when the baby isn’t sleeping, you aren’t sleeping either! Ongoing sleep deprivation has been proven to have an effect on behaviour, attention, learning, and memory in children and has been linked to many health problems including heart disease and kidney disease in adults. Helping your little one sleep peacefully and take daily naps is good for everyone.

I use tried and true sleep training techniques, building a plan and routine for your child that will have them sleeping soundly in no time at all. Many of my parents report that their babies sleep through the night within the first week, often up to 11 hours per night! During the day your baby will nap, allowing them to rest and recover from a busy day of learning and give you a chance to
take a shower, feed yourself or maybe even read a book!

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Did you know? A newborn can only handle about 45 – 90 minutes of awake time before becoming overtired. Five minutes can really make or break a nap at this age!


Night Nanny Services in Canada

The Strong Beginnings Night Nanny service is perfect for new parents! As a qualified maternity nurse, I will assist your family by offering nightly relief in 8-12 hour support shifts so that you can rest and recover in the comfort of your own bed. As you sleep, I will care for your little one and manage all of the nursery duties while giving your precious newborn the unending love and support they deserve. I also offer 24hr support to help navigate the challenges of being a new parent, including professional guidance with breast feeding, sleep and general newborn care.


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We believe that everyone deserves comfort, rest, and joy for a Strong Beginning.

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Ashley is a sleep wizard! We thought our 7 month old was untrainable, but Ashley helped us through the process and now our little one naps on a schedule PLUS gets 11-12 hours straight at night! Best decision we ever made, hands down.

Rothery Family – Kelowna BC

Personnellement, j’ai adoré l’expérience. On n’était pas trop sûr du résultat quand on a décidé de commencer cette expérience, mais dès qu’on a embarqué, je peux vous assurer qu’on a fini avec un résultat extraordinaire. Notre bébé se réveillait chaque 3h de temps le soir, mais à présent il dort 12h sans arrêt. On est extrêmement reconnaissant d’avoir pu prendre cette aventure qui nous a abouti à un résultat extrêmement positif. Merci beaucoup Ashley pour ton aide.

Personally, I loved the experience. We were not too sure of the result when we decided to start this experience, but as soon as we embarked, I can assure you that we ended with an extraordinary result. Our baby woke up every 3 hours in the evening, but now he sleeps 12 hours continuously. We are extremely grateful to have been able to take this adventure which has resulted in an extremely positive result. Thank you very much Ashley for your help.


Mestiri Family – Kingston ON

After many months of sleepless nights, my wife and I hired Ashley to sleep train our 6 month old son. We were definitely at our wits’ end after months of bouncing and rocking our baby to sleep for 10 hours throughout the day and night. We had tried everything to get him to sleep and nothing worked, until two nights with Ashley’s training.

Since then, our son sleeps through the night. This is by far the BEST INVESTMENT we have ever made. Our son is much happier, well rested and joyful. My wife and I are back to feeling like ourselves again.

Having Ashley in our home for a few nights was extremely helpful and a feeling of calm came over us, trusting that we were in such good hands. Ashley offered continued support and encouragement for weeks to come which allowed us to gain confidence and learn to trust our instincts while still feeling safe and guided.

Our son is such a solid sleeper now, he sleeps right through dinner parties and traveling for the holidays. This is something we couldn’t even imagine possible a few months ago.

We highly recommend her services and plan to bring her back in for all future sleep and potty training.

Foucault Family – Dollard-does-ormeaux QC
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