No Cry Sleep Solution – Introducing the Newborn Method

July 11th, 2019 by Renee Charbonneau

The key to having peaceful nights and naps is starting early.

No, this doesn’t mean you cant co-sleep or co-habit, and it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to soak up all the baby snuggles you can get your hands on. I would never steal those precious bonding moments from you. 

Sleep and bonding aren’t mutually exclusive terms. They can exist together, even for those that breastfeed or co-sleep. I say it like this because the internet paints a very different picture.

Newborn babies are learning everything for the first time…including learning to sleep.

This gives us a very unique opportunity to GUIDE your newborn to fall asleep peacefully, while focusing on frequent nourishing feeds that will eventually lead to longer stretches of sleep at night for you all. It also means you are being super responsive, and there are no tears. WOOHOO! 

I used my No Cry Sleep Solution with my son, and it was magical. Having a not even two year-old running around while recovering from birth was a whole new level of exhaustion. But I wanted to figure out a way to get through it that didn’t include cutting out nights feeds and sleeping alone. I wanted a solution that would let me be with him! (BTW…I fed my son in the night until he was 1 year old (my choice), and he slept in our room till he was 8 months old.)

Understanding your newborn’s ever changing sleep needs and how to meet them will set you up for long term success with sleep as a family. It’s much like my investment in teaching our son good latching for breast feeding…had we not done that, he could have easily damaged my nipples, not been a “good” feeder and it could have impacted my milk supply. Knowledge is power!

My No Cry Sleep solution is best for families who:

  • Have a  little one 10 weeks or younger (most optimal time to start would be 4-6 weeks)
  • Want a real No Cry Sleep solution for their child
  • Need comprehensive guidance with sleep to avoid having to “sleep train”
  • Want support through that 4th trimester from a Certified Maternity Nurse who can give practical feeding support while building a great sleep foundation for your baby 




  1. We start with a consultation (in-home or over Facetime/Skype/Zoom). We use this time to get to know you, your baby and your household. We discuss how to approach sleep and walk through how to achieve it. I give you practical settling techniques, feeding advice and ideas on how to cultivate calm and confidence.
  2. I create a comprehensive, personalized sleep plan and send it to you.
  3. We have 4 follow up phone calls to troubleshoot, celebrate and give you guidance for what comes down the road. (Nap transitions, travel sickness, developmental milestones, that sort of thing.)
  4. You can also send 5 emails to check in, ask questions whenever you want. 

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Babies do not come with manuals. It can be an overwhelming task to figure out everything there is to know about being a parent. We can’t be experts in everything. Let this expert teach you all I know, so your family can enjoy all that being a parent has to offer! 


Common Misconceptions


My baby is too young to learn

Your precious little one is ready to learn all about everything the moment they come into the world, what is essential as a parent is understanding the right approach to take and being realistic. There is SO much conflicting advice online and from friends and family, its hard to know what direction to go in. Having a clear path with a plan and a person on the end of the phone to call when you need to trouble shoot, can be so reassuring as a new parent. 


I will have to cut the night feeds

NOPE. Not true. We will be working to get your baby sleeping longer stretches, but at their pace and within the boundaries of their nutritional needs. Every child is born a different weight, height, gestation and these are factors we consider when building out what we do to help guide your little one to great sleep. That being said, of course the goal will be eventually to sleep through the night, this is not something we push. 


I won’t be able to hold my baby to sleep anymore

NOT true either! I want you to snuggle, have skin to skin, have your baby sleep on your chest. It’s essential for bonding and frankly one of the joys of having a newborn. Not to mention I would probably be receiving a lot of hate mail from some upset Grandma’s if I deprived them of the sleepy snuggles. Ha! 


I co-sleep, so this won’t work for me

We can totally work with you if you co sleep! The only condition to this is adopting safe sleep practises, such as using a co-sleeper or dock a tot etc. The risks associated with having your newborn sleep on your bed at this age just aren’t worth it in my opinion. 


It won’t work for my baby because he/she has colic, is preemie, has reflux

GREAT! With extensive training in all of these areas, no baby is out of reach. Because of this, we tailor your plan to take into account your little one’s circumstances and needs. I have found my Newborn Method to be very effective in offering relief for families with colic and reflux challenges. 



What if your baby is older than 10 weeks?


Well, in this case I really encourage you to give me a call. (Book a call here) I can give you lots of free, practical solutions that will assist you in achieving great sleep.

The results just vary greatly as your child will be creeping up on the 3/4 Month Sleep Regression. Once this regression has passed, your little one will be ready to “sleep train”, if you are still struggling with restless nights, short naps or bouncing the baby till your arms feel like they want to fall off! 

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Sweet Dreams

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